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Part ofBattle of Moscow (Collector's Edition)
Development statusReleased

The P-40E-1 is an American fighter available as part of Battle of Moscow (Collector's Edition). It was delivered to the VVS as part of the Lend-Lease program.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Indicated stall speed in flight configuration: 153..176 km/h
Indicated stall speed in takeoff/landing configuration: 141..164 km/h

Dive speed limit: 860 km/h
Maximum load factor: 12.2 G
Stall angle of attack in flight configuration: 14 °
Stall angle of attack in landing configuration: 12.6 °

Maximum true air speed at sea level, engine mode - Take-off: 494 km/h
Maximum true air speed at 5000 m, engine mode - Take-off: 601 km/h

Service ceiling: 9200 m
Climb rate at sea level: 12.5 m/s
Climb rate at 3000 m: 10 m/s
Climb rate at 6000 m: 3.7 m/s

Maximum performance turn at sea level: 24.3 s, at 270 km/h IAS.
Maximum performance turn at 3000 m: 36.1 s, at 270 km/h IAS.

Flight endurance at 3000 m: 2.8 h, at 350 km/h IAS.

Takeoff speed: 160..190 km/h
Glideslope speed: 210..220 km/h
Landing speed: 140..145 km/h
Landing angle: 13.9 °

Note 1: the data provided is for international standard atmosphere (ISA).
Note 2: flight performance ranges are given for possible aircraft mass ranges.
Note 3: maximum speeds, climb rates and turn times are given for standard aircraft mass.
Note 4: climb rates are given for Take-off power, turn times are given for Maximum possible power.

Model: V-1710-39
Maximum power in Maximum Possible power mode at sea level: 1470 HP
Maximum power in Take-off mode at sea level: 1150 HP
Maximum power in Nominal mode at sea level: 900 HP
Maximum power in Combat mode at 12000 feet: 1150 HP
Maximum power in Nominal mode at 10800 feet: 1000 HP

Engine modes:
Nominal (unlimited time): 2600 RPM, 37.2 inch Hg
Combat power (up to 5 minutes): 3000 RPM, 42 inch Hg
Take-off power (up to 2 minutes): 3000 RPM, 45.5 inch Hg
Maximum Possible power (prohibited by flight manual): 3000 RPM, 56.0 inch Hg

Water rated temperature in engine output: 105..115 °C
Water maximum temperature in engine output: 125 °C
Oil rated temperature in engine intake: 70..85 °C
Oil maximum temperature in engine intake: 90 °C

Supercharger gear shift altitude: single gear

Empty weight: 3073 kg
Minimum weight (no ammo, 10% fuel): 3264.2 kg
Standart weight: 3819.1 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 4414 kg
Fuel load: 404 kg / 561 l
Useful load: 1341 kg

Forward-firing armament:
6 x 12.7mm machine gun "M2.50", 235 rounds, 850 rounds per minute, wing-mounted

254 kg general purpose bomb "FAB-250sv"
512 kg general purpose bomb "FAB-500M"

4 x 7 kg rockets "ROS-82", HE payload mass 2.52 kg

Length: 9.05 m
Wingspan: 11.4 m
Wing surface: 21.92 m^2

Combat debut: December 1941

Additional Configurations[edit | edit source]

Removal of 2 external wing-mounted machine guns to reduce total weight
Weight savings: 156 kg
Removed ammunition mass: 64 kg
Removed guns mass: 92 kg
Estimated additional speed: 3 km/h

Additional ammo for machine guns: 312 for internal ones, 291 for middle ones, 240 for external ones (instead of 235 per each) or 615 per each for 4x MG.
6 machineguns:
Additional mass: 38 kg
Estimated speed loss: 0 km/h
4 machineguns:
Additional mass: 207 kg
Estimated speed loss: 2 km/h

254 kg General Purpose Bomb FAB-250sv
Additional mass: 264 kg
Ammunition mass: 254 kg
Rack mass: 10 kg
Estimated speed loss before drop: 19 km/h
Estimated speed loss after drop: 7 km/h

254 kg General Purpose Bomb FAB-500M
Additional mass: 522 kg
Ammunition mass: 512 kg
Rack mass: 10 kg
Estimated speed loss before drop: 36 km/h
Estimated speed loss after drop: 7 km/h

4 x 82mm High Explosive unguided rockets ROS-82
Additional mass: 40 kg
Ammunition mass: 28 kg
Racks mass: 12 kg
Estimated speed loss before launch: 13 km/h
Estimated speed loss after launch: 10 km/h

History[edit | edit source]